How It Works is an online marketplace that has been developed to help businesses and consumers connect in a fast and convenient way without the intervention of any intermediateparties. The biggest advantage of Not Got It, as a digital sales platform, is that it can be used by anybody, whether you're selling.

Besides products and services, also serves as a useful job placement website. This means you can search for suitable jobs, or employees by registering with us. Onewebsite with multiple benefits; this is what is all about.


As an advertiser on, you first need to create an account with us in order to proceed with the posting of an advert. The registration process is fairly quick and simple and requires you to make a profile. This is a good way to earn the credibility and trust of the buyers. Once you have finished making an account, you can select the option of posting anadvertisement.

You will instantly be taken to a page with different categories of products and services such as Cars, Services, Community, Flats & Houses, Miscellaneous, and so on. You can select anappropriate category, following which, you can fill out the 'Listing Details' for the product/s or services that you are offering. This includes a 'Title', a suitable description, image uploads, contact details and so on.

Advertisers can also choose to pay an additional amount of money to get more visibility and enjoy greater advertising benefits on These premium ad features allow you to display your product on the most-visited pages, get featured listing and give a higher search result ranking to your product/service. Premium advertising can help you raise the visibility of your business or help raise consumer awareness about new products or ranges that you are selling.


Just like selling, buying a product or service on Not Got is quick and straightforward. Imagine yourself in a digital departmental store, but this store offers much more than groceries and home supplies. You can buy a car, hire a baby sitter or even purchase a home while in the comfort of your home or office.

Alternatively, you can choose to browse through the different categories listed below on the page in order to find what you're looking for.

Once you have located the product/service you wish to buy on the website, you will be guided to a page where you can fill in important details (name, phone number, email, shipping address, and so on) and choose a mode of payment to make the purchase.